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Adult Golf Programs

Player Development Programs

For Private Golf Lessons:

Please contact a Glenmoor Academy Instructor directly. Lesson rates and availability vary per instructor. All payment and scheduling will be handled through the instructor of your choice. Thank you! 


  • Glenmoor Academy proudly provides Player Development Programs

  • All programs, regardless of level, are 4 sessions long - 1 hour a week + a 30 min orientation session.

    • All players are required to practice on their own time outside of the scheduled program sessions if you wish to see improvement.

  • Program start times and sessions are customizable!

    • There are individual or group programs to choose from.

      • Private experience: you will not be paired with other groups or individuals that sign up. You pick who is in your program series. Individuals will not be paired with other individuals.​

    • Pricing varies per level and number of participants; not by instructor choice.

  • STEP 1​

    • Determine who you want in your program group. You can take a program series as an individual, or choose who you want to join you in your program series. Up to 4 players per program series.

  • STEP 2

    • Pick your Program Instructor (see Academy Instructors webtab)

  • STEP 3

    • Schedule the first session in your program. The first session in your program is a mandatory orientation to go over program schedule, player expectations, handle payment, meet your program instructor, and more. You will not need your golf clubs.

      • Acceptable payment methods are online sign-up with credit card, in-person credit card, venmo, cash, or check (make payable to program instructor).

        • Pick your day and time of the week for your sessions while at your orientation. It is recommended to stick to a certain day and time per week for your sessions, but this is a recommendation, not a requirement.

  • If you start at Level 0 or 1, you must graduate those levels in order to sign-up for a Level 2 or 3. It is not uncommon to repeat a level. Level placement will be determined at your orientation.


To get started with a program, please email an instructor of your choice. We recommend reaching out to several instructors, as many instructors have limited availability.

If you have questions, please email us at

Thank you.​

Level 0 Logo (adults) (1).jpg
Level 0 Program

(Brand New)

For brand new, beginner golfers

Maximum of 4 adults per program series.


Schedule criteria:

(1 hour sessions)

  • (Session 1): Player orientation: 30-40 min long session

  • (Session 2): Short Game Technique: putting & chipping

  • (Session 3): Chipping & Pitching Technique

  • (Session 4): Partial & Full Swing Technique

  • (Session 5): On-course instruction and introduction (i.e. rules, course management, scoring, yardages, etc.)

Level 1 Logo (adults) (1).jpg
Level 1 Program


For golfers with a brief exposure to golf

Maximum of 4 adults per program series

Schedule criteria:

(1 hour sessions)

  • (Session 1): Player orientation: 30-40 min long session

  • (Session 2): Short Game Technique. Putting technique: set-up, stroke path, tempo, distance control. Basic Chipping Technique.

  • (Session 3): Chipping & Pitching Technique. Bunker Technique (if available).

  • (Session 4): Partial & Full swing technique: positions in the swing, direction control, solid contact

  • (Session 5): On-course instruction with rules, course strategy, distance control

Level 2 Logo (adults) (1).jpg
Level 2 Program


For golfers with golf experience.

Maximum of 4 adults per program series

Schedule criteria:

(1 hour sessions)

  • (Session 1): Player orientation: 30-40 min long session

  • (Session 2): Short Game Technique: putting & chipping

  • (Session 3): Full Swing Technique: swing positions, ball flight laws, high/low/stock shots 

  • (Session 4): On-course instruction

  • (Session 5): Distance and speed development or another on-course instruction

Level 3 Logo (adults) (1).jpg
Level 3 Program


For skilled golfers.

Maximum of 4 adults per program series

Schedule criteria:

(1 hour sessions)

  • (Session 1): Player orientation: 30-40 min long session

  • (Session 2): Short Game Technique: putting & chipping. Specialty shots and situations.

  • (Session 3): Full Swing Technique: video analysis, Trackman Data, etc.

  • (Session 4): On-course instruction

  • (Session 5): Distance and speed development or another on-course instruction

Academy Policies

We understand that the current health and safety of the public may require last minute cancellations for lessons or classes. Please note, no persons should attend if they feel ill, have a fever, or have been in contact with those known to have COVID-19. Per Salt Lake County Guidelines, face coverings are highly recommended in the Indoor Center. If our facility is required to close due to COVID-19, Glenmoor reserves the right to resume the academy once we are allowed to reopen.

Always check-in with Instructor or Starter at location of class/clinic/event/lesson at least 5 minutes before event time.

All online transactions are agreeing to the following policies upon booking:


If you need to cancel we ask for as much notice as possible. Please notify us via email:

A “cancellation fee” of 50% of the [Academy event/lesson/activity] participant cost will be applied to all cancellations within 48 hours of purchased session (with cancellation notice via email).
To avoid the cancellation fee, you can receive full credit on your account to be used at a later date.  Credits, refunds, make-up days - will not be given for missed days (no shows/no communication) - regardless of the reason. NO refunds will be given; credits only.


For Player Development Programs: no refunds will be offered. Sign-ups must be within the sign-up period. No make-up days. Glenmoor will not give personal notifications of sessions within your selected player program. No discounts or refunds for missed program sessions within your series. Cancellations due to emergencies or case-by-case situations are subject to a customer credit; no refunds.

Important: Record dates and times now as our system is not set up to send out reminders.

Same-day sign-ups are not allowed. Sign-ups required during the available sign-up window.


For tournaments, tee times will be emailed out 24 hours before tournament day with the email you used to register online. When signing up, please put the participants name, not the parent/guardian's name.

Please direct all questions, comments, concerns to our teaching staff via email NOT phone. 
The Golf Shop and Academy are separate departments.

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